LaunchPath connects you with internships and student jobs to help you gain work experience connected with your major or pathway, gain practical and relevant skills, and get a head start in achieving your career goals. 

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    Our online matching tool connects you with positions that align with your career goals.
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    The LaunchPath tool helps you build a profile, highlighting skills, apply to internships, and communicate with employers, all in one place.
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    LaunchPath badges highlight skills and competencies you learn in school and through your experiences.


The people you meet in a job or internship can serve as valuable mentors to guide you to the next stages of your career, or connect you to future opportunities.


Quality work-based learning experiences are a way to build professional skills you won't learn in school, such as interviewing techniques, professional communication, teamwork, and project management. 


Show future employers that you have already built your knowledge base and have the skills that are important in your industry. 


  • "To be able to write that you were the first intern at Aerojet, it's a really exciting thing…I really met a lot of amazing people, especially now that I'm going to start doing my senior project. They want to be there and they want to mentor me throughout the process."

    gaby vargas headshot Gaby Vargas
    Intern, Aerojet
    School of Engineering and Sciences, Sacramento
  • "My mentors have gifted me with tools that will last a lifetime."

    gabby supplee headshot Gabrielle Supplee
    Intern, Foundation for California Community Colleges
    Met Sacramento High School
  • "Understanding the work environment was a neat experience for me, and getting to know some of the workers in Linked Learning. LaunchPath is a really great tool, not only for students to find an internship. Connecting students with employers can be a difficult task, but with LaunchPath I believe that problem won't be so difficult to do."

    Cha Vang headshot Cha Vang
    Intern, Linked Learning Alliance
    Hiram Johnson Business Academy
  • "My experience here was truly one of kind. I learned things that opened my eyes to the real world and its many challenges. I couldn't think of a better way to have spent my summer."

    jose larios headshot Jose Larios
    Intern, Hanson Consulting Group
    Hiram Johnson Business Academy, Sacramento