For more than a decade, the Foundation has provided back-office services on behalf of employers through the Career Catalyst service. With Career Catalyst the Foundation serves as the employer of record, handling key human resources and administrative tasks so employers can focus on creating meaningful work experiences for students. 

Paid work-based learning services are available to employers regardless of whether they are currently using the LaunchPath tool.


Five Ways Career Catalyst Meets Employer Needs

Employer of record
The Foundation serves as the employer of record, administering payroll, managing works' compensation, and addressing human resource needs.

Comprehensive services
Career Catalyst offers an all-in-one web-based human resources service, making it easy for your organization to manage employees. Features include paperless employee acquisition, online timekeeping, payroll, and employee access to paystubs, W-2s, and training videos.

Customer-service focused
Career Catalyst is backed by dedicated human resources, workforce development, and payroll specialists ready to assist your organization.

Established partnerships
The Foundation is the official non-profit supporting the largest system of higher education in the nation and partners with some of the nation's largest companies, foundations, and state agencies.

Flexible support
Our services can support short-term, part-time, summer and full-time employment. Career Catalyst serves private companies, industry associations, state and local agencies, workforce intermediaries, colleges, and non-profit organizations.

Benefits of Working with Students

Create a pool of potential employees
Working with students will allow you to identify the best potential candidates for full-time employment.

Increase company recognition
Students serve as ambassadors for sharing positive experiences with other students and faculty.

Tap into new talent
Students are energetic, enthusiastic, and eager to learn, and can bring a fresh perspective to your organization.