Our goal is to take quality work-based learning to scale throughout the country and help students aspire for success both inside the classroom and beyond. LaunchPath is building the technology to facilitate better matches between students and employers in their career pathway industry sectors. This industry-focused training addresses the workforce “skills gap” and enables students to master the skills required to attain careers that align with their interests. LaunchPath brings together California Community Colleges, Linked Learning high schools, and regional employers for meaningful internship experiences. Our advanced matching and badging platform identifies students with the right interests and experiences and simplifies the process of creating beneficial work-based learning experiences for these students. 

LaunchPath is funded through a $1.2 million grant from JPMorgan Chase, who is making an $8 million investment in workforce readiness training in Northern California—part of a five-year, $250 million New Skills at Work global initiative. 

Closing the Skills Gap in California and Beyond

Our pilot phase began in the Sacramento region. We have now expanded beyond the Sacramento region to an additional seven regions, including Portland, Seattle, and San Diego. The Portland region is the result of a partnership with SummerWorks, which provides internship opportunities for youth from low-income families. The Seattle region is the result of a partnership with Educurious, a non-profit that works to empower and motivate young people to achieve academic, career and personal success through transformative learning experiences. The San Diego region is the result of a partnership between ConnectEd, the Foundation for California Community Colleges, and the Linked Learning Alliance to create an integrated ConnectEd Studios and LaunchPath platform. If you are interested in learning about our expansion plans and working with us to create a LaunchPath program in your region, inquire now.



Shirley Singh

Director of Facilities, Systems & Services

Foundation for California Community Colleges 



Nancy Pryor
Director of Communications
Foundation for California
Community Colleges