LaunchPath Applauds National Effort to Close the Skills Gap

LaunchPath was created to help close the workforce skills gap in California by bringing to scale connections between students and employers for career-related educational opportunities.  

Because of this, the LaunchPath team was excited when earlier this month President Barack Obama announced a national campaign targeting much of the same challenges as LaunchPath. The President’s campaign aims to dramatically expand U.S. apprenticeships and opportunities for students and millennials to access education and certifications beyond high school. The President announced these efforts as part of a national push to make sure our young adults are able to contribute to a skilled workforce and attain high-wage careers.   

As a part of the President’s initiative, the federal government allocated $175 million toward public-private partnerships to develop opportunities for educational career training opportunities for American students. Of these funds approximately $22 million is going directly to California organizations, workforce development groups, and education institutions. 

The need to close the skills gap and connect young adults and employers is now being recognized with strong support nationally. Through LaunchPath and the efforts of our many partners, California is already leading the way in this space. 

We’re proud to see the direction our President is taking towards closing the skills gap, and excited to further this work here in California. 

-Rebecca Sterling, Linked Learning Alliance

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